Enterprise Managed Wi-Fi

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Unleash Your Broadband Possibilities

At NCTC, our managed Wi-Fi solutions equip our members to give enterprises and businesses of different sizes the fast, dependable connectivity they need to survive in our increasingly digital world. Our fully managed solutions deliver consistent Wi-Fi connections so that the organizations our members serve can focus strictly on critical tasks and new challenges. We’ve partnered with some of the industry’s best providers to provide our members with low prices and a competitive edge.

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Turnkey Service and Ongoing Support

Our vendor partners design, implement, manage and maintain the entire process for you, guiding you from training through launch and providing marketing support along the way. Whether monitoring connections, managing network requests or providing support, NCTC takes care of it all.

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World-Class Apps

Our partners offer state-of-the-art Wi-Fi applications to support:

  • Customer self-care and self-install — Reduce CSR calls and truck rolls.
  • Troubleshooting and monitoring — Cut down on escalations.
  • Network management — Subscribers manage their own network settings.
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Future-Ready Tech

Through NCTC’s exclusive managed Wi-Fi partners, members can create solutions that scale and grow with their customers’ evolving needs for connectivity and coverage

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Our vendors can help you offer best in class Wi-Fi to your multi dwelling units.

Connectivity Exchange

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Unlock the Revenue in Your Dormant Network

NCTC established the Connectivity Exchange to create a single, unified platform for wholesale sales efforts. Powered by NCTC, the Connectivity Exchange is the LARGEST, MOST ACCURATE network on the planet and is backed by an industry-first, fully automated solution from quote to order with unified billing and support. By joining this combined network, member companies can avoid being overlooked by national brands or for large-scale RFPs.

In addition to offering Broadband, Direct Internet Access is now part of the Connectivity Exchange Program.

As businesses increasingly rely on seamless and high-performance internet connectivity to drive their operations, National Content & Technology Cooperative recognizes the need for a robust solution that goes beyond traditional broadband services. The DIA product is designed to address these needs, offering a dedicated connection that ensures businesses and residential enjoy consistent and reliable internet access, without the interruptions commonly associated with shared networks. 


Key features of NCTC’s DIA product include: 

  • Dedicated Bandwidth: Businesses will benefit from a dedicated and symmetrical bandwidth, ensuring optimal performance for both upload and download activities. 
  • Reliability: With a dedicated connection, businesses can experience enhanced reliability and stability, minimizing downtime and interruptions to their operations.
  • Scalability: NCTC’s Connectivity Exchange DIA product is scalable to accommodate the growing needs of businesses. Whether a small startup or a large enterprise, this solution can adapt to changing bandwidth requirements. 

The Power of Together

By aggregating our members’ networks, small and large, we are creating a unified network that reaches approximately one-third of the buildings in the U.S. This aggregation of NCTC member networks is called Connectivity Exchange. NCTC makes it easy: We are building the relationships and negotiating master service agreements with the platforms and the national buying groups so members can focus on what they do best — delivering fantastic broadband service.

NCTC Connectivity Exchange