Game-changing Bandwidth Reclamation Solution

Adara Technologies is a video and broadband solutions provider offering a game-changing Bandwidth Reclamation Solution which delivers the following for NCTC members:

Multi-Gigabit Bandwidth: Quickly and inexpensively frees up large swaths of bandwidth to enable multi-gigabit DOCSIS.

IP Video Acceleration: Preserves and protects legacy video services, while curtailing further investment in legacy video and accelerating the transition to IP Video.

No Customer Disruption: Avoids or curtails costly, customer-disruptive plant upgrades, forced migrations (e.g. MPEG2-to-MPEG4, analog reclamation), CPE rollout or STB replacement.

Saves $$$ Millions: Whether deployed in conjunction with or instead of other bandwidth expansion or reclamation techniques like FTTH overbuilds, operators often save $$$ millions.

Saves Years in Time-to-Market: The solution deploys in as little as 90 days and is unaffected by worker shortages and supply chain delays, thereby saving years in time-to-market for expanded multi-gigabit DOCSIS services.


Adara Can Help You:

  • Expand DOCSIS
  • Deliver Gigabit or Multi-Gigabit Services
  • Expand Internet Services
  • Upgrade Your HFC Plant
  • Find Alternatives to FTTH Alternatives or Fiber Overbuilds
  • Reclaim Analog Spectrum
  • Consolidate Headends
  • Create New DOCSIS Services Quickly and Inexpensively
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Rob Smith

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