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For service providers to excel in today’s increasingly competitive market, making the right offer that will win a customer, exceed their expectations, and retain their business is more important (and more difficult) than ever. In sales engagements, Actifai’s AI-powered software helps providers first identify the right offer for every customer, and then present those offers in a way that is simple and personalized — boosting sales conversion, ARPU, and retention.

AI — What’s Real and What’s Not?

In a sea of emerging AI solutions, distinguishing between what is useful and what is hype can be challenging. For service providers today, the greatest real-world opportunity lies in applying AI to optimize everyday, operational business decisions, specifically those with substantial economic impact. Since 2019, Actifai has created practical AI solutions tailored specifically for the broadband industry. Our guiding principle is to empower AI to emulate what the human decision-making processes would be under ideal situations. In other words, AI should do what a person would do if that person could leverage all relevant information and process it in real-time without errors or bias.

Informed by a continuously growing database of nearly 2 million broadband customer engagements and a rich external data set, Actifai’s AI is deployed at the point of sale — where providers first interact with prospective subscribers and have the opportunity to close a sale and optimize the long-term value of that customer relationship.

Making the Right Offer, for the Right Customer, at the Right Time

With bundles, speed tiers, channel packages, OTT video additions, mobile plans, home security services, WiFi extenders, and more, the number and complexity of options make it difficult for a customer to make the buying decision that’s right for them. This “paradox of choice” frequently results in an outcome that suppresses ARPU while leaving a customer unsatisfied with their services, or confused and unwilling to make a purchase decision at all.

To solve this problem, agents and digital sales channels need to understand who a customer is and what they want. Actifai’s software begins by uncovering and interpreting previously inaccessible customer information — then, using prescriptive artificial intelligence, we recommend the offer that best meets the customer’s needs and buying preferences.

Results that Win Subscribers and Boost Revenue

Actifai has helped providers gain an edge in acquisition, increase average basket size, retain customers profitably, improve online conversion, and win in new markets. We measure ourselves by our customers’ results — and with Actifai, they’ve:

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Technology Designed for Real-World Use

Under Actifai’s hood are four technology building blocks shaped for real-life use that begin improving sales and support engagements on day one.

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Data Discovery

Proprietary data, combined with technology that gathers real-time external info key to customers’ purchasing decisions, like home value, employment, and average neighborhood speeds.

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Machine Learning

ML models analyze each unique engagement vs over a million previous Actifai-powered offers & outcomes, creating the most informed picture of a customer’s buying motivation & interests.

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Prescriptive AI Offers

Considering packages, promotions, and add-ons, AI identifies the single offer best suited to an individual customer and optimized for conversion, ARPU, and CLV.

Dynamic Sales Points

Adaptive and descriptive selling statements highlight offer value, contrast against competitors, & emphasize alignment with a customer’s interests — providing the rationale that motivates buying.

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