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Unlock the potential of broadband with OpenVault’s cloud-based solutions and improve the value of your network, revenue stream, and subscriber satisfaction.

OpenVault and OpenVault Europe GmbH are market-leading sources of broadband technology solutions and data-driven insights into worldwide broadband consumption patterns. The companies’ cloud-based, SaaS solutions and tools help service providers optimize network performance, increase revenue and improve subscriber satisfaction. OpenVault and OpenVault Europe aggregate and analyze the resulting market data to provide unparalleled granular views of consumer usage that can be used to anticipate residential and business broadband trends. As a global leader of broadband technology solutions and analytics for more than 10 years, OpenVault is headquartered in Jersey City, New Jersey, with team members located around the world.

Broadband Solution Platforms

Network Optimization

  • OV PNM
  • OV PMA
  • OV Congestion Manager


  • OV ACP Reporting
  • OV Rating & Charging
    • Prepaid
    • UBB
    • CommsPlus

Marketing Insights

  • OV Marketing Insights
    • Speed Clipping
  • OV Traffic Analyzer

Network Insights

  • OV Network Insights Dashboard
  • OV Traffic Analyzer

OpenVault’s solution portfolio is delivered with a unique insight and real understanding of operator challenges, usage behaviors and timely advice. Scalable and cloud-based, our suites of award-winning tools are easily deployed, quick to use and designed exclusively for broadband cable, fiber and wireless networks to not only improve network management and monetize usage, but to provide peak performance and an optimal quality user experience. OpenVault provides these solutions with industry expertise and unsurpassed professional services, from initial trial assessment to custom development, deployment, expert training and ongoing consultation, maintenance and support. Our unique ability to leverage IPDR, SNMP, RxMER and other types of data to diagnose the root cause of network problems, combined with broadband’s only set of PNM and PMA software solutions, help broadband providers optimize the capacity and resiliency of their networks. The results are happier subscribers, more efficient operations and the extension of the life expectancy of the network. To learn more about how OpenVault can help you unlock the power of your data, click here.


By combining these solutions with deep analytics, OpenVault presents a unique perspective in an ever-evolving industry landscape. In fact, OpenVault analysts perform and publish timely and relevant data research on numerous topics impacting the market and has become a trusted source for operators, analysts, media and the world-at-large. To view our most recent OVBI and other industry white papers, please visit

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