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ATX Networks, a market-leading provider of broadband access, media distribution, and energy storage solutions, as well as a wide variety of professional services, is accelerating digital transformation through agile innovation. With more than 8 million products deployed in 75 countries and nearly 40 years of industry expertise, ATX is assisting communications service providers in futureproofing and evolving their networks in lockstep with market demand.

Boundless broadband

The Future of Energy Storage and Backup Power Operations

Areca™ Hybrid Supercapacitors provide communications service providers with a safer, cleaner, and more cost-effective solution for energy storage and backup power than batteries that’s easy to deploy and contributes to critical sustainability goals.

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Explore the performance, total cost of ownership (TCO) and sustainability advantages of breakthrough backup power technology.


Understand the environmental impact of lead-acid and other electrochemical energy storage mediums.


Discover how hybrid supercapacitor-based energy storage enables service providers to reduce energy costs while accelerating carbon footprint reduction.


Compare the safety, performance and lifecycle capabilities of hybrid supercapacitors vs lead-acid and Lithium-type batteries.

The Safe Choice for Energy Storage

When it comes to safety and durability, HybridSupercapacitors are considered the safest and most durable energy storage solution available. And now there’s proof. ATX recently contracted an industry-leading, third-party lab to run a series of abusive tests on ATX’s Areca™ HybridSupercapacitors to validate their safety.

ATX at Your Service

ATX takes your business personally. The ATX Professional Services team, led by industry veterans, is dedicated to taking the risk out of your technology transformation journey. In an ever-changing environment, ATX can help you protect your business by making sure your network is running at peak efficiency and perfectly aligned with your business objectives. From individual services to full end-to-end solutions at any scale, ATX Professional Services sends the right people for the job to provide the best outcomes. Download the brochure to learn more about our services and capabilities.

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ATX provides cutting-edge solutions for access networks and media distribution through our distribution partner Advanced Media Technologies.

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