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Lower Cost of Entry

We negotiate and maintain agreements with strategic partners in the advanced platform space. We provide efficiencies normally only available to larger providers, including full launch support, fast-tracking of OTT provider/app deals, a managed roadmap and NCTC expertise on the TiVo platform.

Remain Competitive

NCTC’s efforts allow smaller members to provide advanced, feature-rich offerings similar to larger providers.

NCTC partners with video solutions providers to offer members new ways to think about the evolving pay TV and broadband ecosystem. We identify technologies that provide consumers with an intuitive, multiscreen experience and improve product margins.

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Get great discounts on the streaming devices subscribers love.

Advanced Video Platforms

NCTC develops solutions that meet consumer demands for more flexibility, choices and interactivity. Today, NCTC has strategic relationships with TiVo that help drive innovation and scale economics. Our members guide NCTC’s criteria for prioritization.

Our Partners

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TiVo Managed IPTV Service is a customizable, cloud-enabled, end-to-end streaming video solution enabling NCTC members to launch a fully branded, fully compliant, full-featured pay-TV service in around 90 days.

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Operators are continually shifting to meet ever-changing consumer demand in the video ecosystem.  As more direct-to-consumer video services are made available over the internet, it can be difficult for end consumers to find the content they want to watch and manage these various subscriptions. This is where our new partner comes in.

MyBundle.TV creates tools for ISPs to help their end customers identify which streaming platforms have the most important content for them. MyBundle.TV offers a suite of products that can look and feel as if they are part of your website. These tools can be customized to fit the needs of each member company. If you want to emphasize video, the tools can make recommendations to the end customer highlighting traditional programming. If you wish to deemphasize video, the tool can be customized to highlight an OTT video partner. Often, participating members can reap a recurring monthly bounty for as long as a customer keeps a streaming service.

There are other deals MyBundle.TV has launched; however, the NCTC deal comes with the guaranteed best rates. It also includes an above-average revenue share.

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