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Reduce Churn and Drive New Revenue with TiVo Managed IPTV Service.

Give your customers an award-winning, content-first video experience.

TiVo Managed IPTV service delivers a video solution that is focused on member priorities of lowering costs, offering customers competitive features, and the ability for members to expand their video strategies.

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Less searching. More watching. Experience TiVo’s simple, award-winning UI that allows for operator branding, plus access to the best shows, movies, and sports on live, recorded, and streaming TV, all inside a fast and easy user experience.


Experience a super performant Guide that quickly loads channel lineups and program listings of live TV with the ability to easily jump back into Replay content and Picture-in-Picture playback.

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BYOD. TiVo Managed IPTV service is available on Amazon Fire, Apple TV, Android TV Streamers, Nexus Player, iPhone, iPad, Android Mobile, Android Tablet, PC, Mac, and the EVO FORCE 1.

TiVo is excited to introduce our partnership with Evolution Digital and the latest Managed Android set-top box, the EVO FORCE 1. Watch now to learn more about TiVo Managed IPTV Service and the EVO FORCE 1, powered by Android TV, and how this solution delivers the ultimate whole-home video experience.

TiVo also has other services to meet the expanded needs of its customers. Those include:

Introducing TiVo Broadband!

TiVo Broadband™ is TiVo’s Managed IPTV-powered solution designed for Member’s Broadband-only subscribers. TiVo Broadband delivers TiVo+ – a free content network with over 150 channels & more than 100K free movies & TV shows – and a collection of Member’s local live television, and 3rd party FAST, AVOD and SVOD services powered by TiVo’s super-aggregated Discovery, Search and Recommendations.

TiVo Broadband is integrated into TiVo’s Managed IPTV UX, providing a single, unified interface for customers to find, watch and enjoy all their favorite content. It also addresses two key pain points for NCTC Members: reducing broadband subscriber churn and increasing lifetime customer value.


TiVo’s Hospitality Solutions help meet the needs of your commercial customers with two options available for member operators: an app-based Lite Client and a hardware solution. To learn more about the offering and which commercial customer types work best with each solution, click here.

TiVo’s Headend Replacement Services replace the existing satellite method of delivering video content with a terrestrial IP Multicast method of acquisition, encoding, distribution and transport of linear content sources to legacy video systems and distribution to end customers. Ask us how TiVo can serve as your primary channel source! Click here to learn more.

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