Scalable cable networks for the gigabit era

Nokia – Taking cable to the gigabit and cloud era

Nokia can help you transform your cable networks with new-found capacity, cloud technologies, software intelligence, and expertise in IP and optical evolution.

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Bring ultra-broadband faster and at the right cost

Your customers count on you to keep them connected in even the most challenging conditions. We help you do that with infrastructure, software and services that deliver reliable, secure, high-performing connectivity no matter what demand you put on them. Whether you’re deploying fixed or wireless networks — for consumers, companies or mission-critical applications — Nokia has what you need to deliver ultra-broadband services to more people, more quickly, at the right cost for your business.

Fiber to the Home — Accelerate into Gigabit fiber

Let Nokia help you transform your network, delivering new-found capacity and enabling new consumer and business services, all while reducing your operating expenses.

Nokia is an innovator and the leader in PON technology. First with GPON. First with commercial deployments of XGS-PON. First with 25G PON. And more. We’ve deployed more than 100 million lines of PON and hold the #1 market share for XGS-PON globally, so you can feel confident about your network.

And Nokia is the first and only vendor to offer a multi-PON line card with simultaneous support for GPON, XGS-PON and 25G PON.

Learn more at Fiber (FTTH) | Nokia

Wi-Fi — Seamless connectivity for every home

All too often, the brilliant broadband you deliver to the home is undone by patchy Wi-Fi inside the home. With so many devices trying to connect at once, you need to provide unstoppable Wi-Fi that enhances your customers’ broadband experience. When you do, you remove the cost and headache of customer complaints, helpdesk calls, and truck rolls, while the enhanced connectivity leads directly to new revenue opportunities.

Nokia’s advanced mesh Wi-Fi technology—embedded in our fiber optical network terminals (ONTs), 5G fixed wireless access gateways, and Nokia WiFi beacons—guarantees a perfect user experience in every corner of the home, boosting customer satisfaction and your broadband business.

Learn more at Deliver unstoppable broadband to every home | NOKIA

Software Defined Access Networks — Take your broadband network into the cloud

Software-Defined Access Networks (SDAN) bring platform attributes to the broadband network. It helps operators to realize the evolution of hardware-based networks to software-defined platforms by virtualizing much of the functionality. This speeds up innovation cycles in a cloud-native environment, leverages cost-effective software platforms to simplify IT integration, and scales up your ability to program and automate your network.

Learn more at Software-Defined Access Networks | Nokia

5G Mobile Transport — Fiber access: The secret of 5G’s success

Increasing the capacity and coverage in 5G technology will require many more radio cells than 3G or 4G LTE, and using a dedicated fiber link to each cell is cost prohibitive. Fiber will be key to supporting 5G mobile transport. Our solution makes it easy to use existing fiber-to-the-home deployments to bring robust fronthaul, midhaul, or backhaul connectivity to your network or offer it to other providers as a service. FTTH is the perfect complement to 5G.

  • It makes for faster (and cheaper) 5G deployments than building separate transport networks.
  • It’s ready to scale, as FTTH can easily handle 5G densification and increased traffic.
  • It supports software-defined network slicing for a dedicated, low-latency mobile transport slice.

Learn more at Fixed for 5G | Nokia

Software for Intelligent Cable Networks — Use software innovations that transform cable services

Nokia cable solutions can help you use cloud technologies, cognitive analytics, operational intelligence, machine learning, the Internet of Things (IoT), and enhanced security to bring more value to your customers. Our software innovations support cable network optimization and let you evolve your network to create new markets and reinvent existing ones. They prepare you for future success by enabling you to support new business models and adapt to changing customer demands.

Learn more at Use case: Software for intelligent cable networks | Nokia Networks 

Cable Service Opportunities — Deliver new services that meet changing customer needs

Nokia can help you combine your existing network with new technologies to deliver cable services that address the latest needs of residential and business customers, and generate new revenue.

  • Support virtualization and cloud-based business services
  • Manage and monetize Internet of Things (IoT) and smart home deployments
  • Deliver IP-based video services that address demand for personalized experiences anytime, anywhere, and on any device

Learn more at Use case: New cable service opportunities | Nokia Networks 

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