Negotiate & Strategize Content Rights

NCTC negotiates master licensing agreements with content providers for more than 200 networks on behalf of our 700-plus independent communications and technology service provider members. We utilize our cumulative member buying power to negotiate better terms with content providers than members may be able to achieve on their own. Through the aggregation of subscribers, NCTC creates efficiencies that benefit both our members and the content providers, leading to more competitive and cost-effective agreements.

Customized Member Support

NCTC manages all aspects of content provider relationships for members. On behalf of our members, NCTC negotiates with large media companies, independent networks, broadcast station owners (RTC), and new and emerging content providers, such as OTT services.

Master Agreements

Our team negotiates and maintains content agreements for our members.

Consolidated Billing

We manage all aspects of content provider billing for members, providing a consolidated breakdown of fees for each member.

Marketing Support

We work with content providers to secure marketing dollars or promotional support opportunities.

Forecasting and Guidance Resources

We provide guidance and forecasting tools to help members manage costs.


We provide members guidance and an overview of new agreements through webinars, notices and direct one-on-one communication.

Operational Support

Our dedicated team of account managers keeps members current on administrative changes, technical requirements and contractual obligations.


As an NCTC member, you can access exclusive tools and resources to help you get the most value from your multi dwelling unit pay-TV offering.