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Multilink is an industry-leading designer, developer, and manufacturer of products for OSP and LAN PREMISE applications. Established in 1983, we supply providers with innovative products that have improved the way people communicate for more than 40 years. 


Our presence in the fiber optic product solution arena has allowed Multilink to become an end-to-end communications product supplier and integrator in addition to a component manufacturer provider. We offer products such as fiber optic closures, patch and splice modules, fiber optic cable and assemblies, fiber optic splitters, power supplies and cabinets, fiber distribution hubs, and raceway architectural molding for your existing networks and 5G builds. View our offerings on NCTC’s Marketplace.


Our campus-style facility in Ohio offers on-site production from design to completion including research, design, engineering, sheet metal fabrication, fiber optic assembly, powder coating, product assembly, and the use of vendor-managed inventory logistics. 


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Evan Gooden

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