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Qwilt’s Open Edge Cloud platform helps Internet service providers address the dramatic growth of streaming media on their networks using Open Caching technology to enable low latency delivery of content over highly scale infrastructure. The Edge Cloud delivers unmatched performance, reducing latency to levels that make possible today’s high-bandwidth applications, such as live streaming, gaming and VR video, as well as future capacity-draining use cases. Proven with hundreds of deployments in ISP networks around the world, Qwilt’s Open Edge Cloud solution places service providers in the content delivery value chain so they can activate new business models and revenue streams.

Qwilt Cisco and Qwilt: Transforming Content Delivery Video Capture

Cisco and Qwilt: Transforming Content Delivery with Open Caching at the Edge | Watch Now

Opening Doors to Better QoE & New Revenue

Jason Hansen, CTO of Conway Corp and long-time Qwilt customer, explains what he finds most compelling about Qwilt’s offer for a free CDN upgrade and why he considers Qwilt’s solution the “Swiss Army knife” of content delivery.

At the End of the Day, It’s About Customer Experience

Jason Hansen, CTO of Conway Corp and NCTC Board Member, provides his argument for the need for caching and explains why the 34 million households covered by NCTC members will benefit when you upgrade your network with Qwilt’s free open caching offering and join the nationwide NCTC Federated CDN.

Developed and endorsed by the Streaming Video Alliance, Open Caching offers a platform that federates content delivery infrastructure, deployed deep inside service provider networks, into a global CDN with open APIs for content publishers. It is designed to help service providers easily deploy an edge CDN, offering more control over content flows and catering to the needs of global and regional content providers for more capacity, consistency in content delivery and superior performance.

Working with the NCTC, we are building a unified, next-generation CDN across the membership. A single API allows content publishers access to a national federation of NCTC member networks, providing a superior quality streaming experience for viewers and monetization of content delivery for NCTC ISPs through revenue sharing with content providers.

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Through Qwilt’s partnership with Cisco, NCTC members receive best-in-class CDN technology, including software and cloud services from Qwilt and hardware from Cisco.

Qwilt is a Founding Member of the Streaming Video Alliance and a leader of the Open Caching industry movement.

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