TONE Networks

Grow, Connect, and Retain Your Underserved Employees

TONE Networks is the proven micro-coaching and mentoring solution for the underserved
communities on your team.

Proven, Practical, and Cost-Effective Professional Development

TONE Networks is a proven, practical and cost-effective online micro-coaching and mentoring platform designed to connect, grow and retain early to mid-career employees at scale. With over 2,000 bite-sized videos and live-streamed coaching events from over 90 diverse coaches and experts, TONE supports your people and programs by:

  • Advancing your early to mid-career employees through on-demand mentoring support
  • Developing your underrepresented communities including women, people of color, and allies
  • Supporting and connecting your internal communities and Employee Resource Groups

ERG Support

It’s not enough just to create ERGs, it’s what you actually do with them that results in employee connection, a sense of belonging and increased retention. TONE provides your ERG leaders with the content, programming and event support they need to increase engagement.

Mentoring Circle Support

Whether you are looking to kick-off your mentoring program or need some fuel to build
momentum into and energize your current program, TONE Networks partners with your
company to set the framework with curriculum and program support.

Custom Coaching Events

Planning, facilitating and hosting coaching sessions can be time-consuming and expensive, but TONE offers a turnkey, custom coaching solution to meet your specific business needs. Custom coaching is a great way to create an immersive, collaborative learning opportunity to help underserved communities feel engaged and supported at work.

Real Results

We deliver valuable insights and key analytics based on behavioral data.

Hover over the percentages to learn more:

89% say it positively impacts their growth and development.

54% are more engaged at work.

70% believe TONE proves their employers commitment to helping them succeed.

50% are more likely to stay with their current employer.

TONE Networks
NCTC Approved Partner

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