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At CommScope, we push the boundaries of communications technology to create the world’s most advanced networks. Our people and solutions are redefining connectivity across the globe, solving today’s challenges, and driving the innovation that will meet the needs of what’s next. We provide proven solutions to help our customers better connect with their customers. With CommScope, you can be confident that your network is forward-thinking, dependable, and cost-efficient. And we know network solutions aren’t one-size-fits-all. You can trust CommScope’s skilled teams to work with you to create a customized network. Discover more at

Wi-Fi 6E


Check out our Wi-Fi 6E video to find out how being early with Wi-Fi 6E can place you at the heart of the connected home, delivering premium wireless services with assured service levels.


What is Wi-FI 6E and how can service providers use it to differentiate their services in the home?

BLOG: Wi-Fi 6E and the Connected Home

CommScope’s Charles Cheevers analyzes the impact of the FCC’s decision to increase spectrum allocated to Wi-Fi 6E.

INFOGRAPHIC: Explore CommScope’s virtual end-to-end network.

Navigate the interactive HFC and FTTx networks by clicking on the buttons to discover more with interactive tools and links by topic. Let us help ensure your network is flexible and future-ready.


Cloud-native solutions deliver on the true promise of Network Function Virtualization unleashing full flexibility and elasticity advantages.

Professional Services

Whether it’s designing a new network architecture, expanding your existing network, virtualizing and automating critical network elements, streamlining processes, or establishing new revenue streams, our Professional Services team delivers mission-critical results.

10G Broadband

This 10G Broadband interactive tool highlights flexible outside plant solutions for near term relief of network capacity as well as longer term solutions to increase speed and capacity.

The Connected Home

CommScope’s virtual home is an interactive tool that offers useful insights into today’s fast-changing home network requirements. It will help you discover how you can evolve connected home services, from broadband and entertainment to voice control to advanced smart home functionality. Click on the applications and devices to uncover real opportunities and solutions for your network.

10G Broadband Solutions

CommScope offers migration paths that allow operators to get the most out of their existing HFC infrastructure. With CommScope’s fiber densification solutions, operators can roll out advanced network options targeting higher capacity, lower latency, enhanced security and reduced operational costs—at a pace that doesn’t strain workforce or budget.


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