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KAON is a market-proven leader with the commercial deployments of operator-tier Android TV specialized in developing Android TV set top boxes which allow users to enjoy both linear TV and OTT services. KAON Android TV solution helps service providers to rev up the engagement with users and create the value with a variety of content and dynamic home entertainment services.

KAON Android TV Solution

Television displaying Android TV via Kaon

Get the latest Android TV STB for your services!

KAON has successfully launched the operator-tier Android TV with Oreo and Pie versions, and now is preparing the next generation of Android OS, 10, with several operators across the world.

Android TV STB featured with Google Assistant enables users to play & discover content, get the answer, check the weather, control the connected devices via the voice interface, and more actions can be done by voice command.

Stream your favorite shows with built-in MOBITV and Amazon Prime Video applications

KAON Android TV STB, KSTB2020, provides the extreme viewing experience with the hundreds of video and entertainment content from MOBITV, Amazon Prime Video, and Google TV Service (GTVS). MOBITV, an app-based streaming TV platform, with Amazon Prime Video will enable subscribers to enjoy constant TV stream with both linear TV and OTT streaming services.

MOBITV and Prive Video provided by Kaon set top box

KAON Expertise and Dynamic Features on Android TV Solution Maximize Your TV Experience

Rich content from MobiTV, Amazon Prime Video, and GTVS

  • YouTube, Play Music, Play Movies, and other content from Play Store.

Universal search across multiple services.
Built-in Google Assistant Available
KAON Remote Management Solution (KRMS) available for device monitoring and management

  • Monitoring device status
  • Device Control including Reboot, Factory Reset, Service lock and more.
  • Diagnostic tool such as Ping, Trace Route, Speed Test, Wi-Fi signal strength, etc.
  • Firmware / APK update

All broadcast services over cable, satellite, terrestrial (DVB-T/T2, ISDB-T, ATSC), IP, and OTT support
Expertise on CAS/DRM integration on STB
Professionalism on CTS/GOTA process
Time-to-Market with off the shelf features

Kaon set top box and screens showing multiple TV apps