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Digicomm International is a leading provider of HFC and FTTx products with over 50,000 part numbers in stock and ready to ship. What truly sets us apart is our commitment to our customers—from design to shipment, our team provides solutions to meet your specific project needs. Whether you’re looking for off-the-shelf products or custom solutions, Digicomm is your trusted partner for broadband deployment.

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NCTC members can now leverage Digicomm’s expert engineering services and custom solutions, streamlining their procurement process and gaining access to a wider range of product variations. Digicomm supplies top-tier products from leading manufacturers, including CommScope, DZS, Gilbert Hardline Connectors, ATX, and more. 

Quick Ship

Our quick ship services ensure swift and reliable delivery, meeting the urgency of orders with prompt and efficient shipping solutions.

Custom Solutions

We offer tailored solutions, including kitting, bundling, and custom assembly services to meet the unique needs of each network.

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Evan Gooden SQ

Evan Gooden

NCTC Director of Strategic Procurement