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NCTC’s Transit and Transport programs have already helped members save thousands of dollars on carrier transit and transport costs.

Most members are experiencing 40%-60% growth per year in broadband traffic. While rates have decreased, many members still pay much more than larger companies.

NCTC negotiates agreements with well-established national and regional carriers to provide our members with the following benefits:

  • Better rates.
  • Defined service-level commitments.
  • Circuit protection/redundancy options.
  • Managed renewals and bid requests for larger-volume circuit needs.


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NCTC, through our network partner agreements, now offers our member operators affordable pricing on IPv4/6 address blocks as a standalone product, not tied to a circuit order. Members who need to augment their IPv4/6 address inventory can lease a block of IPv4/6 addresses through NCTC for a relatively low rate.

  • No large cash outlay — Members pay a low monthly lease fee for IPv4 addresses obtained through NCTC.
  • No long-term obligation — Members can discontinue their IPv4 lease when they convert to IPv6.
  • Flexibility — Smaller blocks are available, and no circuit order is required.


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NCTC has partnered with OpenVault to provide members access to OpenVault’s extensive lineup of award-winning SaaS-based tools that improve network performance, subscriber satisfaction and monetization. These analytic tools are unmatched in the industry and can provide key insights to assist with customer growth and trending analysis.

  • A suite of network optimization and diagnostics tools streamline network management, monitoring and optimization and enable distance diagnostics and remote care.
  • Monetization and customer engagement tools provide insights into subscriber usage at the macro and micro levels, spur revenue opportunities and keep subscribers engaged and satisfied.
  • Next-generation solutions significantly increase network capacity virtually without the capital or operational expense of a node split.


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Through NCTC’s joint initiative with Qwilt, our members can upgrade their broadband networks with Qwilt’s CDN technology and services based on the Open Caching standard. NCTC and Qwilt are offering this CDN upgrade to qualifying NCTC members. The upgrade includes Qwilt-provided CDN hardware installed in NCTC member networks and Qwilt software and cloud services. Major content providers have already expressed their support for Open Caching as an attractive model for content delivery and a solution to meet content delivery requirements in NCTC member networks.

  • More Capacity: Qwilt offers more delivery capacity through our partnership with NCTC and its members.
  • Superior Quality: Lower latency, higher quality delivery of video streams to consumer. Measurabley better performance than traditional CDNs.
  • Better Economics: Qwilt partners directly with NCTC to embed and operate delivery infastructure and share revenue.


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Through NCTC, our partners’ SD-WAN services empower members to leverage any combination of transport services to build a more agile network. Software-defined wide area networks (SD-WANs) leverage secure digital transport methods and can be implemented without changing the underlying physical network to connect consumers to applications securely. NCTC members can rapidly deploy, operate and scale these services at a fraction of the cost of conventional methods, lowering their IT operating expenses and enabling their business units to innovate faster and more effectively to achieve their organization’s goals.


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NCTC partner cloud services help members address different needs surrounding the dramatic growth of streaming media and the need to support future applications. These services can range from platforms, infrastructure or software and are typically hosted by third-party providers. The cloud is the future, and NCTC offers various options to meet our members’ business needs. Our cloud services are powered by the latest technologies, helping members maintain control over all of their data and applications from anywhere, anytime.

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