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Members save thousands monthly on network costs with NCTC’s IP Transit & Transport program.


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For nearly 40 years, the dream of being more competitive, smarter and more efficient in building and maintaining a coax and fiber plant has compelled us all to do more. Whether that’s launching new services, managing customer expectations or elevating our offerings, we strive to meet or exceed the big guys.​

The history of cable TV was built on delivering bundles of channels to consumers. NCTC’s advantage was proven successful in delivering highly competitive television network programming — and we have built our other lines of business using the same methodology to support our members.

We are revamping how we work — making it easier for our members, supplier partners, distributors and programmers to do more in less time while enjoying lower costs. 

Our new name and logo are just the beginning of how we are retooling ourselves to meet the industry’s fast-changing needs. 

Our redesign reflects our commitment to technology innovation, pricing and each of our members. By offering custom programs and significant cost savings, driving increased revenue and facilitating the development of best practices and new ideas, we empower our members with content and technology solutions ​​to connect the world.



NCTC negotiates with more than 200 TV networks and several leading streaming service providers on behalf of our 700-plus members, leveraging our combined buying power to secure deals you won’t get on your own.


Networks are the backbone of modern business. To help you deliver better experiences, NCTC utilizes a wide array of connectivity solutions, including IP transit/transport, DDoS mitigation, analytics, SD-WAN, DNS, cloud and CDN services.


Providing opportunities to remain competitive in today’s entertainment ecosystem, NCTC utilizes strategic relationships and offers advanced video platform solutions and lower-cost entry to help drive innovation and scale economics.


NCTC offers a one-stop-shop for purchasing, contract management, supplier performance and relationship management. Members have a single point of contact for technology solutions, creating a streamlined process that maximizes member resources.

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For over 37 years, we’ve provided our members with cost savings, knowledge sharing and innovation. We continually invest in resources to identify and build opportunities for members to grow and succeed, receiving the best experience possible.

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