Harmonic cOS Virtualized Broadband Platform

Harmonic’s cOS™ broadband platform is the only true cloud-native virtual solution for powering the delivery of multi-gigabit broadband service over both coax and fiber. Our powerful cOS core software intelligently manages Harmonic’s versatile portfolio of network edge devices to enable fast deployment of high-speed connectivity over any wire to more locations over longer distances with less equipment.

Solution Benefits

Harmonic Icon Optimization

Optimized Performance

Win and retain customers with multi-gig broadband speeds and 99.999% service availability.

Harmonic Icon Convergence

Network Convergence

Enable simultaneous fiber and DOCSIS service delivery from the same virtualized core.

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Deployment Versatility

Deliver high-speed broadband for a range of applications, including FTTH and FTTP for MDUs.

Harmonic Icon Intelligence

Proactive Intelligence

Ensure consistent service excellence with real-time telemetry data and AI-based actionable insights.

Harmonic Icon Extended Reach

Multi-Dimensional Scaling

Scale subscribers, bandwidth, IP addresses and network functions independently and with less downtime.

Harmonic Icon Mature Tech

Mature Technology

Employ the same Emmy Award-winning cOS core software that serves tens of millions of homes worldwide.

Get to Know the cOS Platform

Whether you’re considering a migration to DAA or the addition of high-speed broadband services, the cOS virtualized software platform powers your evolution with the ability to quickly rollout new capabilities, extend service reach and enhance subscriber quality of experience. Watch this short video with Harmonic SVP Asaf Matatyaou to learn more about the innovative cOS broadband platform.

Customer Spotlight

See how Adams Cable Service used the cOS platform to extend 10G fiber to the edges of its rural network.

BoostD 3.1: Achieve More on Your Existing Network

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The versatile cOS broadband platform offers several ways to deliver both 10G fiber and multi-gig DOCSIS services over the same network. Our BoostD 3.1 capability even lets you achieve speeds greater than 8G downstream and 1G upstream over existing DOCSIS 3.1 infrastructure. Read our solution brief to learn more about unleashing the power of your network through the speed and agility of software.

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