Who Can Become A Member?


Eligibility is based on a company meeting NCTC’s definition of a facilities-based provider that delivers last-mile video and/or broadband services to consumers or businesses via the applicant’s terrestrial network to support the telecommunications services industry.

Companies potentially eligible for NCTC membership include:

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Electric Cooperatives

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Regional Fiber Networks

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Not Eligible for Membership

NCTC is not currently accepting applications from OTT providers, satellite video or broadband providers, pure WISPs, or wireless voice and data service providers.

Evaluating Membership

Our bylaws require us to evaluate applicants based on several criteria, including financial responsibility, technical ability/experience, adequate facilities, compliance with our current agreements and other items. Questions in the application provide the minimal information to evaluate the applicant’s ability to meet the eligibility requirements.

Evaluations are completed by an internal team of finance, legal and technology experts and all materials provided as part of the application are treated as confidential information and not shared with anyone outside NCTC.

NCTC membership represents two categories:

Content Affiliate

Applicants are currently or intend to offer linear video services and are applying intending to participate in all master agreements NCTC negotiates including:

  • Programming networks for linear and “Over the Top” video content access.
  • Supplier and vendor agreement for discounted pricing on products and services.
  • Carrier contracts for competitive rates on IP transit and transport (point to point), managed Wi-Fi and smart home services.
  • MVNO agreement to provide your customers mobile phone services.
  • Ability to earn revenues through the sale of your company’s circuits via the Connectivity Exchange.
  • Access to NCTC’s The Independent Show, Winter Education Conference and regional meetings.

Technology Affiliates

Applicants that do not currently nor intend to offer linear video services and are applying intending to participate in the other master agreements NCTC negotiates including:

  • With streaming content providers (currently including Amazon, Cheddar, Curiosity Stream, MobiTV, FuboTV, Hopster, Hulu, Vu-IT, and Zone TV).
  • With suppliers and vendors for discounted pricing on products and services.
  • With carriers for competitive rates on IP transit and transport (point to point), managed Wi-Fi and smart home services.
  • MVNO agreement to provide your customers mobile phone services.
  • Ability to earn revenues through the sale of your company’s circuits via the Connectivity Exchange.
  • Access to NCTC’s The Independent Show, Winter Education Conference and regional meetings.

Benefits of NCTC Membership

Below lists the types of agreements NCTC negotiates to benefit members.

Equipment and Services (Group Purchasing)

Competitive pricing on products — ranging from fiber cable and CPE hardware to video solutions from nearly 100 suppliers — and the following efficiencies:

  • Dedicated web store serves as a one-stop shop for hardware, software and services.
  • Members work with a single point of contact at NCTC for purchases from multiple suppliers and multiple products.

Internet Software and Access (Broadband Solutions)

Competitive rates on IP transit and transport (point to point), managed home Wi-Fi and smart home services.

  • NCTC negotiates agreements with strategic carriers and CPE partners to obtain lower rates, better terms and dedicated support.

Linear Video Content (Programming)

Competitive pricing and terms with access to distribution rights to more than 200 networks — consisting of large media companies, independent networks and broadcast station owners — and the following efficiencies:

  • NCTC manages all aspects of content provider billing and provides a consolidated breakdown of monthly fees for each member.
  • NCTC works with content providers to secure marketing dollars and/or promotional support opportunities to help you build your customer base.
  • NCTC provides guidance and forecasting tools to help members manage costs.
  • NCTC provides guidance and an overview of new agreements through webinars, notices and direct one-on-one communication.

Advanced Technology and Platforms (Video Solutions)

Competitive rates and technologies that allow members to provide their subscribers with an intuitive, multiscreen experience and improve product margins.

  • NCTC develops solutions that meet consumer demands for more flexibility, choices and interactivity.
  • NCTC negotiates and maintains agreements with strategic partners in the advanced video platform space.
  • Agreements include efficiencies normally only available to large providers, including full launch support, fast-tracking of OTT provider/app deals, a managed road map and NCTC expertise on the platforms.

Connectivity Exchange

NCTC established the Connectivity Exchange to create a single, unified platform for wholesale sales efforts. Powered by NCTC, the Connectivity Exchange is the LARGEST, MOST ACCURATE network on the planet and is backed by an industry-first, fully automated solution from quote to order with unified billing and support. By joining this combined network, member companies can avoid being overlooked by national brands or for large-scale RFPs.


NCTC’s turnkey MVNO service enables members to easily and seamlessly deliver member branded and billed mobile phone services to their customers. NCTC and our industry leading partners have come together to make it simple to offer flexible and affordable plans, the latest devices and world class service and support all under the member operator’s brand. NCTC member operators can now offer double and triple play offers with wireless, broadband and video services.

Application Review Process

Before completing your membership application, please take a few minutes to click on each header below to learn more about our application review process, membership factors, costs and other important details. When you are ready to start your online membership application, click on the link below.

There is a non-refundable $1,000 application fee due upon submission. Please submit the fee to NCTC (9401 Indian Creek Parkway Suite 500, Overland Park, KS 66210) when the completed application is submitted. NCTC will not begin the review until the application fee is received.

Incomplete Applications

If an application is submitted with missing or incomplete information, NCTC will contact the applicant to secure any additional information. The applicant will have 30 days to provide the additional information. If the applicant fails to respond after 30 days, the application file shall be closed, and NCTC will refund the application fee.

Offer of Membership

If NCTC approves the membership application, it will notify the applicant and provide a list of activation steps required to finalize membership. NCTC reserves the right to attach one or more conditions to any membership offer. Applicants offered membership have 30 days to complete the activation steps required for membership, or the membership file will be closed.


NCTC will notify the applicant in writing if its membership application is denied. Misstatements or noncompliance with requirements on the application are reasons for automatic denial.


Please allow 30 business days for NCTC staff to review the application. Applicants will be notified of approval or denial via email and written correspondence (via USPS).

Denial and Additional Conditions

NCTC reserves the right, in NCTC’s sole discretion, to deny any application, waive or modify any membership factor(s), and provide an offer of membership with the best interests of the membership in mind. NCTC is not under obligation to provide a membership to any party.

Acceptance of Membership

Membership is finalized upon completion of the activation steps described in the applicant’s approval letter. The membership fee is also due at that time.


NCTC does not share information with any third parties and all reviews are handled internally by NCTC employees.

Connected Supplier Partnership Program

Our Connected Supplier Partnership Program is designed to serve members and support suppliers because we are all STRONGER TOGETHER! We are committed to serving as a consistent link between members and supplier partners, offering education, innovation, speed to market, operational efficiencies and value — so we all grow together.

This program comprises three different supplier partner levels: Premier Partner, Preferred Partner and Approved Partner. Each level has specific benefits that will help expand your reach within the NCTC and our members.

From customized go-to-market strategies to lead generation, we have a program that is right for you! Use this QR code to access the FAQs about this program. If you are interested in moving up to the next level or have questions, please reach out to your main NCTC contact or email nctcpartnerships@nctconline.org.