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PeakView Solutions

The cable industry's most trusted and advanced quota management platform, with new automated features for maximizing workforce resources.
PeakView Solutions
Address: 1832 Woodmoor Drive, Monument 80132, Colorado, El Paso County
Type: Service Provider
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PeakView Solutions is a productivity software developer for the cable television business of all sizes. Our game-changing platforms integrate with billing, workforce, GPS, and other 3rd-party tools, to make a seamless improvement to your daily operations.

PeakView’s original, integrated applications help operators manage their quota, outages, mobile workforce, PTO, ticketing, routing, consulting and labor forecasting.

PointView ©
Integrated quota point management, reporting.

PointView 5.0 ©
New in 2017, work order scheduling outside the billing system.

OutageView ©
Integrated outage management & reporting

WorkForce Pro
Integrated mobile workforce mgt. with dispatch and reporting modules

Integrated workforce scheduling and Paid Time Off (PTO) management

Integrated & stand-alone tech ops ticketing system

Integrated and automated tech routing

Professional Svc
Business process analysis and consulting

Field workforce planning and forecasting (launching in 2017)

Integrated order entry dashboard for customer care (TBD)

Our tools are unique, low cost, and require minimum IT support. The result of using our applications will make processes more automated, transparent, and smarter, and will make your workforce more productive and empowered.

3rd party integrations:

PeakView charges a standard, one-time implementation fee, (includes configuration, integration, training) for each application for integrations with the following vendors:

Billing systems:
Netcracker/ICOMS, GLDS, CSG (case-by-case)

WorkForce Management services:
ARRIS Work Assure, CSG Workforce Express, Oracle/TOA

Network Diagnostics:
Momentum/IBBS, Clear Cable


PeakView’s management team has long experience in operations, billing, networking, IT and support services. We serve cable operators with properties in over 42 states, covering in excess of 24,000,000 million customers.

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