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Attract and retain customers with VU-IT!, powered by TiVo

What is VU-IT!?

  • VU-IT! combines the power of your video service with TiVo-enabled hardware to deliver the ultimate entertainment experience, including OTT and apps.
  • Dozens of NCTC members choose VU-IT! to provide TiVo service to customers at an affordable cost.

Key Benefits

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Drive customer acquisition, retention and ARPU by offering the renowned TiVo experience.

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Manage costs by sharing services like training and marketing, and dividing annual support fees with members.

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Quickly integrate popular OTT streaming services, such as Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, HBO Go and others.

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Bridge the transition to next-gen services with support for QAM and IPTV.

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Supports both ARRIS and Evolution Digital hardware.

Voice Remote

VU-IT! by TiVo Voice Remote
VU-IT! by TiVo Voice Remote input on TV screen

User Experience – Screenshots

VU-IT! by TiVo What To Watch screenshot

What to Watch Now – Get an overview of what’s on right now

VU-IT! by TiVo Apps screenshot

Access all your favorite apps in one place

VU-IT! by TiVo Guide screenshot

TiVo Guide – See show schedules for all your channels

VU-IT! by TiVo Program description screenshot

TiVo Guide – See descriptions of each show

Why do NCTC members choose VU-IT!?

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Content Choice and Access

Simplify access to more content from a variety of sources through a single interface.

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Flexible Viewing Options

Support multiple devices throughout the home with a consistent, elegant experience.

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Beautiful User Experience

Provide the entertainment experience users expect today and in the future.

Is VU-IT! a good fit for you?

Launching VU-IT, powered by TiVo, requires that members meet a certain set of criteria, including:

  • Digital line-up with RF QAM
  • ARRIS DAC or Cisco DNCS
  • Support CableCard / uDTA

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