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Extend Gigabit Services in MDUs/MTUs over Coax or Copper at a fraction of the cost of rewiring with Fiber

Positron Access specializes in carrier grade products for cablecos, telco carriers and ISPs. Positron’s G.hn Access Multiplexer (GAM) extends fiber or fixed wireless Gigabit services in buildings without fiber wiring using the existing in-building wiring to each unit in MDUs, MTUs hospitality, and home clusters. It delivers virtually symmetrical Gigabit Ethernet to 2600 feet on RG6 coaxial cable or 800 feet on telephone pairs without the cost and construction disruption of installing in-building fiber.

Provide the fastest time to revenues at the lowest CAPEX and highest ROI.

GAM COAX: Works with up to 16 coax splitters per port, has better spectral use than DOCSIS allowing up to 1 Gbps upstream, does not require amplifiers and is compatible with CATV and IPTV.

GAM MIMO: Works with one or 2 telco pairs per port.

The GAM is compatible with all Ethernet residential gateways, OLTs and integrates with operator IT systems (looks like PON). It has extensive management and troubleshooting, carrier features including low latency, quality of service (QoS), bandwidth management, business class SLAs, VLAN support, non-blocking, and dynamic bandwidth.

It is installed and activated in hours at a fraction of the cost of installing in-building fiber wiring or upgrading DOCSIS. Its low installed cost makes it ideal for subsidized housing and enables carriers to benefit from the FCC ruling by using the existing wiring. Available in indoor versions (locally powered) or outdoor IP68 versions with reverse power feed (RPF). Units can be daisy chained together making the solution scalable.

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