Elizabeth Jaeger

Director of Marketing and Residential Strategy

Eagle Communications

#WEC19 Interview

It’s funny to think about it… if you would have asked this California girl if I thought I’d be married and raising four children in Kansas with a career as a director of marketing AND residential strategy for a broadband company (what the heck does that title mean, anyway?) … There’s a good chance I may have laughed at you.

Along the way, I earned a BS in Animal Science at CSU Chico, a MS in physiology at Oregon State University (OSU), and started my career as a biotechnology lab manager at OSU. Fast-forward 20 years. It has been a winding and unconventional professional path, with unique experiences in science, communications, policy and people. Now living in Hays, Kansas, for nearly 14 years, I tried my hand at PR and school policy for nearly a decade with USD 489. And then, another career reboot, and the place I see myself until retirement, at employee-owned company, Eagle Communications.

When I am not working, I enjoy hot and humid, chlorinated air and cheering for my kids as a swim mom, long rides on the open roads on the back of my mustang, Reno, and my kitchen… the place I feel truly creative!