Chris Stec

Agency Channel Manager

Comporium Media Services

Chris Stec is the Agency Channel Manager for Comporium Media Services, and prior to that, he spent the first several years of his career in helping brands with sales, marketing and training. Upon joining Comporium in 2013, Chris was instrumental in the creation of a partner/agency sales channel for partners and resellers inside of Comporium’s Media Services agency. Today, Chris oversees sales and partner support, while working with Comporium’s Digital Strategy team to continue to harness the power of digital marketing, and implement that for agency partners. Throughout his years with Comporium Media Services, he’s been an integral part of growing the agency channel to over 10,000 small/medium size business partners.

Chris currently resides in Greenville, South Carolina with his wife and 4 boys…. Yes, 4 boys!