Misty Tuttle

Sales and Marketing Manager


Misty Tuttle is a 20-year veteran in the broadband and telecommunications industry. She is currently the sales and marketing manager at Horizon, which has corporate offices in Columbus and Chillicothe, Ohio. During her time at Horizon, she has filled many roles on the business development, product development, programming, public relations and marketing teams. She has led the launch of video and broadband services over the company’s existing copper plant, HD and DVR service implementations and, more recently, introduced whole-home mesh Wi-Fi into the local market. Currently responsible for marketing, sales, product development and customer service for Horizon’s ILEC territory. Misty is obsessed with the customer experience. From the first phone call to the installation of products and services in the customer home, all details matter to her.

In addition to her professional responsibilities, Misty is a passionate advocate of her community, serving as a board member of the Chillicothe Chamber of Commerce and local chapter of the American Red Cross. She is also a founding member of a local women in business networking movement, promoting, supporting and celebrating the hard working, professional women in her community. After hours, you can find her cheering on her daughter at various track & field, and cross-country events, and traveling to new adventures whenever she has time.