David Zach



Internationally renowned Futurist, David Zach, will help us frame how we think about the future guided by our faith.

How we think about the future is more important than what we think. Rather than just look at all the dazzling forecasts about what’s next, Futurist (and humorist) David Zach wants to offer a few insights on how to also look for what lasts, and how can we better learn to choose between the changes and the continuities. By putting fads, trends and principles into a temporal context, we can remember to still enjoy the moments and to work for (or against) the trends as we try to live by eternal Christian principles.

Heraclitus (535 -475 BC) is quoted as saying, “The only constant in life is change.” That seems reasonable, until you perhaps notice that the quotation has endured for more than 2000 years. Maybe some things should endure. Maybe there are even eternal things. Maybe we should seek to love and protect and nurture such things as God calls us to do in our daily walks.

David Zach is one of the few professionally trained Futurists on the planet, having earned a Master’s degree in Futures Research from the University of Houston. Then again, he got that degree way back in 1981, so it’s pretty much history at this point.

David has given more than 1,500 fascinating and funny talks throughout North America and Europe on the topics of change, tradition, design, technology and society. In recent years, he’s been on the boards of The American Chesterton Society and the American Institute of Architects. For more, please visit www.davidzach.com.