Bob Mason

Founder/Managing Director


Bob Mason has spent his career mining for insights and developing marketing, brand and communication strategy for some of the world’s leading companies. As a market researcher and strategic planner, he has made significant contributions to some of the most well-known advertising campaigns of the last 20 years, among them the Mazda “Zoom zoom” campaign, the Dow Chemical “Human Element” campaign and the Chrysler “Imported from Detroit” campaign. Along the way, Bob has conducted market research with audiences as disparate as leading-edge cardiologists, hardcore mixed martial arts fans, financial “1 percenters” and doomsday preppers. You pick a topic or brand category, and there’s a good chance he’s led market research or a client workshop around it. He seamlessly works between the consumer, media, b-to-b and healthcare spaces and is driven by an endless curiosity to understand people and markets, and commitment to help clients solve business challenges.

Planetarium clients have included AstraZeneca, Chick-fil-A, Country Music Television (CMT), Goldman Sachs, Honda, KraftHeinz, Merck, PepsiCo, Samsung, tru TV, Spike TV (now the Paramount Network), Subway, Toshiba, truTV, Turner Broadcasting, VW, WE TV and a host of others. Initiatives have run the gamut of product innovation, content generation, brand positioning, customer experience and wide variety of other engagements.

Prior to founding Planetarium in early 2012, Bob was the Executive Vice President/Managing Director of Brand Strategy for a division of inVentiv (now Syneos), a leader in the health and wellness space. In his role, he served on the company’s operating board, while also overseeing all brand planning, digital strategy, medical strategy, media planning, editorial and research & analytics efforts.

Bob is also an alumnus of some of the world’s leading consumer advertising agencies, having held senior insight and strategy roles for the likes of Doner, DMB&B (now Leo Burnett) and BBDO. A native Detroiter, he spent much of the early part of his career working with major automotive brands and their dealer networks.

He has a BSBA from Aquinas College and an MBA from Michigan State University.