The connected home - what do subscribers really know and understand about the service they receive, and what are their expectations? According to Parks Associates, The average number of connected devices in the home has nearly doubled from 2010 to today and that number will only increase in the coming years.

Device Growth

These devices and the applications they run are using up data at a high rate of speed. Over the last seven years, more and more providers are increasing the speed of the in-home connection but does that really matter? We have learned that subscribers are willing to upgrade to a faster broadband connection but do they really need it?

The speed of the connection to the home is great but Parks Associates says subscribers are experiencing a bottleneck caused by multiple devices in the home, distance between devices and the router, as well as issues caused by the design of the home. This frustrates subscribers, and they blame you.

Hear what our members have to say about managed wi-fi:

Evolving WiFi: Own It, Support It, Monetize It

Jason Hansen from Conway Corp, spoke at the 2017 Winter Educational Conference and provided an assessment of various off the shelf options for maximizing in-home wi-fi performance. Play the video below to learn which products he reviewed and what he recommends.

Managed WiFi: Creating a "Blue Bootie" Experience

Katie Espeseth from EPB Fiber Optics believes that customers are willing to pay for service and convenience, which prompted EPB to launch their Smart Network in-home wi-fi management product. Play the video below to learn how they took a potential customer satisfaction issue and turned it into a multi-million dollar revenue opportunity.