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We are the Broadband People
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Better Broadband means Better Lives. Vantage Point Solutions helps broadband providers deliver on that promise through Start-to-Finish broadband engineering and consulting services.

Employee-owned and headquartered in Mitchell, South Dakota, VPS has 7 office locations spanning from Oregon to North Carolina. Vantage Point’s 350+ team members, including 4 staff attorneys and 10 licensed Professional Engineers, have a single focus: Supporting the long-term best interests of the companies, Cooperatives, and communities we serve.

Vantage Point’s depth and breadth of professional engineering capabilities, financial and technical expertise and extensive regulatory knowledge enable us to design advanced, economically viable solutions customized for each client. Additionally, having worked with hundreds of clients across almost every state, terrain, and network model, we have boots-on-the-ground insight into nearly every challenge faced by both new and established providers – and the experience to face those challenges head-on.

Vantage Point’s expertise allow us to help clients at every step of broadband network development and operation, from feasibility to the field and beyond. Services include feasibility studies; securing funding; network design for both FTTH and Wireless networks; engineering; deployment project management; regulatory guidance; financial and business analysis; network maintenance and security; and operational logistics and strategy.

Our team is especially skilled at securing funding for broadband projects, with over $1.9 BILLION in grant, auction, and loan funds secured for clients as of early 2020.

VPS is also renowned for balancing the intricacies of Network realities within a Regulatory environment; for example, in 2017 they introduced the BETTI Box, a hardware-software solution that enables the Federal Communications Commission’s CAF funding recipients to meet new FCC requirements for periodic speed and latency testing.

The Vantage Point team has the experts you trust, and the experience you need. We are the Broadband People.


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Request Consulting Services: Fill out the form by clicking the link below to provide an overview of your consulting needs, and the NCTC will put you in touch with the right contact at Vantage Point to get you started