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NuTEQ will improve your business at every step.
Address: 1122 Cambridge Square, Alpharetta 30009, Georgia, Fulton County
Type: Service Provider
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NuTEQ Solutions brings the NCTC membership "GOCare", the latest in mobile customer care. GOCare is a two-way, interactive, mobile messaging system based on SMS - the most popular form of communication in society. Enable this convenient, low-cost form of communications between your customers and your back office systems - fully-integrated, fully-automated.

Member Case Studies

Broadstripe Experiences Success with GOCare™

NuTEQ Solutions’ GOCare™ product reduces operational costs and improves customer satisfaction. As this compelling case study shows, their SMS (texting) platform delivers an affordable, turn-key solution that can positively impact your bottom line. Customers that opt into GOCare use the call center, on average, 15% less often than those without it. This results in cost savings up to $4.32 for each GOCare user per month, with an ROI of 50% - 900%. Their research also indicates that GOCare subscribers have missed 75% fewer scheduled appointments, resulting in fewer truck rolls. Read more about how their solution has benefitted NCTC members in this informative article.

 Broadstripe Case Study

GOCare™ Reduces Operational Costs & Improves Customer Satisfaction for enTouch Systems, Inc.

enTouch Systems, Inc. (“enTouch”) is a small operator in the greater Houston, TX market and serves residential and small business subscribers with voice, video, high-speed data, and home security services. enTouch was the first operator to deploy GOCare Mobile Customer Care. They recognized GOCare’s ability to (a) adopt a mobile-first mindset in offering an alternative to the call center / IVR; and (b) differentiate the company among other service providers in an effort to “be easy to do business with.”

 enTouch Case Study

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