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Address: Ft. Worth
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– Mega Hertz is a Value-Add-Partner and Systems Integrator of:

The rapid speed of new technology development has facilitated an ever-increasing need for a Specialized Technology Partner that Service Providers can depend-on. That’s why, MSOs, Independents, Telco’s, Municipalities and Utility Service Providers have relied-on the stability and unique Multi-Vendor, Multi-Technology System Solutions & Client Services of since 1975, that bring advanced Broadband and IP video and data delivery to their network and subscribers.

From HFC and DOCSIS to X-PHYTM; from FTTx, GPON and RFOG to IPTV; from Linear Video to OTT-ABR Multiscreen (hosted or on-site); Ethernet Core Routing and Switching; best-in-class technologies and services will meet your goals and future requirements while exceeding your expectations.

To compliment your operational resources, “Client Services” are definitely an asset you can rely on. From Fractional Engineering, that can provide you with a customized package of remote engineering hours for operational support; to Customized Lease Financing, designed to match your budget, cash flow and ROI objectives; to on-site Turnkey Services, including Project Engineering, Design and Management, as well as, Equipment Integration and Activation. has the desire and focus to help you succeed!

Equipped with the knowledge from their cable engineering or operations background, you can count on the Engineering and Integration Team. They understand your challenges because they have walked in your shoes. Their knowledge and talents are “Assets” you can use to stay ahead of the game.

With cutting edge technologies to take you into the future; stability and experience, you can rely on; knowledge and assets you can depend on, is the Value-Add Technology Partner and Systems Integrator you can turn to, for another 45+ years!



Network Headend (transceivers, Mux/Demux, test equipment, receivers, power), Network Systems (PON/DOCSIS) (CMTS, Access Technologies, monitoring, edge Qams, etc.)