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Leverage Cable Consulting

Affordable, flexible solutions for independent cable operators.
Leverage Cable Consulting
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Leverage Cable Consulting clients usually fall into one of a few categories:

  • MVPDs or telecom companies who need expertise in product management and video content management, but do not have the need or resources to acquire this expertise in the form of full-time employees.
  • Companies who have internal product management and content personnel, but who are going through a particularly busy time. It might be during a sale or acquisition or during retransmission consent renewal. During this busy season, the organization needs some extra help from an industry expert who can step in and immediately provide relief.
  • Companies who need help aligning their product offering with their strategic direction.
  • Organizations that appreciate the breath of knowledge and perspective that industry veterans can bring to realizing their business goals.
  • The team at Leverage Cable Consulting often acts as a part of your team and functions much like an employee would.
  • Our clients tend to stay with us for a long time. We have current clients who have been with us since Day 1 in 2011. This is a testament to the partnership view held by both our consultants and our clients.

Leverage Cable Consulting was founded in 2011. Founders, Cheryl Summers and Linda Kondrick, saw an unanswered need in the cable and telecom industry. Small to mid-sized operators needed the same level of video content and product management expertise that the larger companies had, but often these responsibilities were handled by individuals with primary responsibilities in other areas of the business. Full-time positions to cover these responsibilities weren't an option for many operators, but they needed help nonetheless.

Cheryl and Linda both spent time in the trenches of independent cable having spent their careers working in the industry. Before establishing Leverage Cable Consulting, Cheryl had served as Vice President of Programming for Cobridge Communications, an MVPD with 60,000 television and internet subscribers in the Midwest. Prior to Cobridge, Cheryl was Director of Programming for Millennium Digital Media, a top 20 NCTC member companies at the time. Linda, a Certified Public Accountant, worked at Charter and Millennium Digital Media before serving at Cobridge as Controller and Chief Accounting Officer.

We pride ourselves in creating solutions for our clients. We also take a special point of pride in coming alongside our clients as a member of their employee team, and the long-lasting relationships we have within the industry. We aren't in the sales business. When is the last time you've heard a consultant be accused of charging too little? It's happened to us, and it speaks directly to the value that we bring to our independent operator partners. We are in the solution and partnership business!

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