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KavaCom Consulting
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Crisis Management Planning

Networks Module:

On-site analysis of inside/outside plant, operations and all critical resources

Recommendations to protect and mitigate networks based on risk assessment Pre-position ops to respond and quickly recover from network emergencies

Workplace Module: (on-site analysis and recommendations)

Prepare office, building, warehouse, property for staff response:

  • Emergencies, natural and manmade disasters
  • First aid and medical equipment and supplies options
  • Active assailant including shooter
  • Safe rooms / shelters (extensive analysis)
Fulfills OSHA requirements that carries fines in excess of $100,000

Staff Module:

Employee training and exercises for a fast and educated response to:

  • Emergencies, disasters, threats, workplace violence

Emergency Management & Business Continuity Planning:

For headquarters and regional offices

System Sales, Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Prepare business and seller to publicize sale to maximize system value
  • Organize and update existing documents, contracts and agreements
  • Attract multiple potential buyers and drive sale process
  • Reduce long term liabilities to increase actual monies netted

Optimization of Operational Efficiencies

  • Observe and analyze daily operations, processes and procedures
  • Provide solutions and make recommendations to optimize efficiencies

Regulatory Compliance (records, processes and filings)

FCC, Erate, OSHA, Copyright, CALEA

Installation Contractor Management

  • Avoid delaying or postponing customer appointments due to poor planning
  • Manage or train installation contractors to consistently meet operator’s needs
  • QC of installations and ensure contractors are properly representing company
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