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Over 60 years of experience with a wide array of partners and suppliers allows CCI to consult, design, implement and optimize a variety of solutions that allows your network the flexibility to evolve with customer’s demands.
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Our decades of experience allow us to find and solve your complex business and technical challenges. We are the bridge between disparate, overly complex networks of the past and an operationally efficient network of the future. We don’t just sell part numbers or widgets. We engineer solutions far beyond the standard. Invest in your network today and take advantage of business outcomes tomorrow.

CCI Fiber Network Educational Video Series

Part 1: Network Design

Design &

Ch. 1: A Look at “The Why”

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Ch. 2: Using Sample Designs

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Ch. 3: Operational Support & Choosing the Right Partner

Part 2: Implementation

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Ch. 1: Preparing for Implementation

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Ch. 2: Lead Times & Overall Timing

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Ch. 3: Planning Customer Communications

Part 3: Optimization

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Ch. 1: Optimize Core and Back Office Systems

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Ch. 2: Optimize Processes around Capabilities


Assessment Services

  Assess: We take a comprehensive look at your network to find where the problems actually are and then design a solution that fits your specific needs. Click to learn how our assessments save service providers up to 70% on network upgrades and maintenance.

 Which assessment will you choose today to ensure a successful future?

  Design: Your solution will be designed by CCI’s team of CCIE and CCNP certified experts ensuring that the job is done right; the first time. Through our experience in owning a service provider ourselves, Astrea, we are well equipped to facilitate real solutions to problems that you see every day.

  Execute: Putting together the puzzle has never been easier. From the assessment to the design, your solution is now ready to be implemented. Hear from our customers on how seamless this process can become.

Cisco Gold Partner

As the lone Cisco Gold Partner serving NCTC, we believe it is our duty to ensure that you are able to capture the full value of the investments that you make for your network. Leverage the Cisco pricing that is now afforded to the membership through us. Visit the NCTC Hardware Storeonline to take advantage.

Hear From Our Team

At the WEC show in Las Vegas, we caught up with CCI’s Joe Smith, John Jamar, and Mac Plymale to discuss how CCI’s expanded partnership with NCTC is going to help our members by providing exclusive pricing to Cisco gear, and consultative services across all areas of the network


The notion that you have to sweep your whole plant in order to find the problem areas is an outdated and expensive one. Listen to how we are helping operators save millions by using targeted sweep and network assessments

Sales Team

Regional expertise for a personal experience

How to Participate

Members: To purchase Cisco Systems products through our agreement with CCI Systems, log in to our secure web store at

Consulting Services:Fill out the form by clicking the link below to provide an overview of your consulting needs, and the NCTC will put you in touch with the right contact at CCI Systems Inc. to get you started