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Fully Customizable Live and On-Demand TV. App-Based. End-to-End. Secure and Compliant
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TiVo Managed IPTV service is available on Roku, Amazon Fire, Apple TV, Nexus Player, Xbox, iPhone, iPad, Android Mobile, Android Table, PC, Mac.

Personal Guide
Seamlessly integrate the traditional guide with a modern experience focused on discovering the right programs at the right time.

Network Conscious
Policies defined and enforced to allow access to programs and channels based on device and in-home vs. out-of-home.

Replay TV to catch up on live programs you missed. Based on content rights either automatically record or allow access based on user-initiated recording.

Download & Store
Take both live recordings and on-demand programs on the go with your mobile or tablet.

TiVo Managed IPTV service delivers a solution that is focused on member priorities of lowering costs, offering customers competitive features and the potential to open up new video strategies. Scroll down to learn more about how you can bring advanced video delivery to your operation.

Searching for content is easy, users can quickly search across the entire catalog using voice control or traditional search.
TiVo Managed IPTV service apps are a combination of highly visual, cinematic experiences and powerful, user-centric discovery features
The Guide is super performant; quickly loading channel lineups and program listings of live TV with the ability easily jump back into Replay content and supporting Picture-in-Picture playback.
Operators are able to feature series and movies using a variety of tools including; recommendations, curated lists, advanced searches and more...all across a unified catalog of on demand, nDVR, live, and Lookback.

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