Technical Notices

AETN - Service Window Notification


Please be advised that the service window for Galaxy 30/Transponder 23 that was planned for March 23 has been rescheduled for Wednesday, April 6, 2022 at 9:30am EDT.

Please pay close attention to the notes below for D9824 and D9859 receivers:

  • If you are using a D9824 multiple decrypting receiver, in order to avoid possibly oversubscribing its output, please make certain the Output Mode for your Transport type (ASI or MPEG over IP) is set to either Full DPM Control or Service Channels Only.  That way, you will only continue to pass the services you are passing today and not any of the additional payload we have added due to the 5G repack.  Instructions are as follows:
    • In the GUI, go to Transport Stream tab
    • Go to Output Control
    • Select Full DPM or Service Channels Only
      • If you are not already on one of these two settings, we recommend selecting Service Channels Only
  • If you are using a D9859 transcoding receiver, please be sure to upgrade the firmware to v1.95 using the attached instructions in advance of the service window.  This will resolve an issue whereby licenses that were added to the IRD disappear when the IRD is rebooted or loses power.  Note that the firmware upgrade will take 10-15 minutes per IRD.
  • If you are using your D9859 IRD as a decrypting receiver instead of a transcoding receiver, please adjust the settings as described above for the D9824 receiver.

No new equipment is required as part of this service window.  At most, you may experience a brief outage – perhaps 10-15 seconds -- but your receivers should reacquire signal automatically.

If you do require assistance during the service window, please contact AETN at or 866-335-8236 (option 2).

As a reminder, the following networks are located on Galaxy 30/Transponder 23:  the east coast feeds of A&E, History, Lifetime, Lifetime Movie Network, FYI and Vice.