Technical Notices

Encore/Starz C-Band Transition

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please review the following programmer notification closely.  If there are tasks or costs associated with carrying out programmer changes that are part of SES’ and Intelsat’s transition plans for repurposing the lower portion of the C-band, then the party that is responsible for such tasks and costs is governed by the FCC’s C-Band Order (3/3/20) and Lump Sum Payments Public Notice (7/30/20). Outside of the FCC’s documents, you may have additional rights through your agreement with the programmer.  Please click here for more information on determining the party responsible for C-Band transition-related tasks and costs.

In response to the FCC’s plan to clear 280 MHz of C-band spectrum for 5G mobile services in the U.S. (the “5G C-Band Transition”), Starz will be migrating all of its channels from their current satellite transponders to new satellite transponders.  To help facilitate this migration, Starz will be providing signal delivery equipment to affiliate distribution partners affected and that continue to receive a satellite feed. 

Please see the attached notice for more information.