Technical Notices

C-Band Transition Cost Info for MVPDs

IMPORTANT NOTICE: If there are tasks or costs associated with carrying out programmer changes that are part of SES’ and Intelsat’s transition plans for repurposing the lower portion of the C-band, then the party that is responsible for such tasks and costs is governed by the FCC’s C-Band Order (3/3/20) and Lump Sum Payments Public Notice (7/30/20). Outside of the FCC’s documents, you may have additional rights through your agreement with the programmer.

By providing the technical update, the programmer is fulfilling its contractual obligations to provide you notice of changes occurring in the delivery of its signal.  For programmer changes that are part of SES’ and Intelsat’s transition plans, your rights will depend on whether your company elected the lump sum payment option for the transition.

MVPDs that Elected the Lump Sum Payment Option:

If your company elected a lump sum payment for the C-Band transition, you are responsible for your earth station’s equipment costs and activities for these changes, except the satellite operators are responsible for providing and shipping to you any necessary replacement integrated receiver/decoders (IRDs). 

MVPDs that Did NOT Elect Lump Sum Payment Option:

If your company did not elect the lump sum payment, the satellite operators are responsible for supplying all equipment and performing all tasks for these changes for your earth stations included on the FCC’s Incumbent Earth Station list.  Such tasks include the installing, replacing, retrofitting, and/or repositioning of any antennas that are necessary, the installing of filters, and the installing of any IRDs or other headend equipment needed.  The satellite operators are expecting MVPDs on their own to handle any programmer changes that involve only frequency changes.   If you wish to do any additional work on your own, you should provide advance notice to the satellite operators before performing any work.

If you have any questions about whether you are responsible to perform work or incur the costs associated with this programmer change, please contact Intelsat at cbandinfo@intelsat.comor SES at  If you are an ACA Connects member with an issue that was unable to be resolved by the satellite companies, you may contact Mike Jacobs, ACA Connects VP of Regulatory Affairs, at