Technical Notices

QT/QT+ End of Service Notification

On Friday, October 19th Arris announced that it is ceasing operations for their QT and QT+ access control platform at the end of 2019. There are about 60 NCTC Members affected by this announcement with an approximate STB count of 20,000 on the QT/QT+ access control platform. There are currently two migration options for operators:

  1. Moving the STB access control to NAS with Comcast
  2. Moving the STB access control to NAS RAC with Arris

About 3,500 of the STB supported by QT/QT+ (the DSR-470) will not be supported on NAS or NAS RAC platforms, so even with a migration to NAS or NAS RAC, operators will need to replace DSR-470 equipment in those customer homes by the end of 2019.

It is important to note that this announcement does not have any impact on the HITS transport services provided by Comcast Technology Solutions.

Comcast and Arris both have programs in place to answer your questions about the process, equipment and related costs of transitioning your QT/QT+ STB to their solutions.

For NAS-RAC conversions and questions please contact Arris:
Janine Bowling
ARRIS Eastern USA Inside Sales
Phone: 1-678-473-8404

Scott Robillard
ARRIS Western USA Inside Sales
Phone: 1-720-895-7891

For NAS conversions and questions please contact Comcast:
James Toburen
Technical Account Manager | Comcast Technology Solutions
Office: 720-573-3273
Mobile: 303-246-6529