TIS17 Session Videos

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Monday, July 24th

General Sessions:

Maintaining Speed: Executive Perspectives
Leaders from NCTC member companies discuss their views on the industry, today and for the future... View Session 

Changing Lanes: Managing Change in Washington D.C. – Rep. Susan Brooks (R-IN)
Every day there is a headline with news about the CHANGE in Washington, whether at the White House, in Congress or at the FCC... View Session 

Industry Insights: Keynote Speaker Shelly Palmer
Shelly is one of a few writers, consultants and speakers that is up to speed on what is happening across technology, media and financial markets... View Session 

The Speed of Light: Broadband Infrastructure Deployment 2017 and Beyond
Are you planning broadband deployments in the near future? Then this is a must-watch session video for you... View Session 

Tuesday, July 25th

General Sessions:

Future Forward: NCTA CEO Shares Vision
NCTA president Michael Powell talks about the future of our industry and how the biggest players are shaping our future... View Session 

Driving Forces in the Financial Marketplace: Analyst Assessment
Bernstein’s Todd Juenger discusses the financial landscape for large network groups and OTT providers... View Session 

Driving Forces in the Financial Marketplace: Roundtable
Hear from NCTC member executives and a leading lender as they discuss the state of the financial marketplace and access to capital as it pertains to recent mergers and acquisitions and recapitalizations... View Session 

Accelerating Your OTT Strategy: Leveraging Online Content
OTT content creates opportunities for operators to provide value to consumers in ways that enhance choice and improve overall convenience in more cost-effective ways than traditional content models... View Session 

Breakout Sessions:

Advanced Advertising: The Race is On
Advanced Advertising is a term we’ve all heard before. What does it really mean and how is it going to impact your business? ... View Session 

Customer Satisfaction: Join the Winner’s Circle
While fiber optic and satellite customers gave lower satisfaction ratings across the board in comparison to last year, several cable providers improved their customer satisfaction in key areas like service and installation... View Session 

Proceed with Caution – Cybersecurity; What You Can Do to Protect Your Network and Your Customers
Do you know what you should be doing to protect your business, your network and your customers from cyber-attacks? ... View Session 

Start Your Saving’s Engine: Margin Assurance Opportunities
Learn from industry experts in identifying and implementing appropriate margin management strategies to deliver revenue growth, reduce costs or streamline processes... View Session 

Wednesday, July 26th

Breakout Sessions:

Get the Inside Track: Commercial Services Solutions
Interested in offering more than just a data connection to your business customers? Listen in on two different paths to solving some of your business customers’ needs, including cloud based phone solutions and advanced connections for businesses... View Session 

Life in the Fast Lane: The Impact of Changes in the Broadcast Industry on Cable Operators
Market and regulatory changes in the broadcast television market will be impacting cable operators in the near future. Find out how these changes will affect your upcoming retransmission consent agreements... View Session 

Shifting Gears: Smart Home Strategies for Today and Tomorrow
Want to View Session about the smart home market? Need to know which consumer trends are related to the IoT Space? Join us to hear from industry leaders regarding current opportunities and future innovations which directly relate to our industry... View Session