January, 2022: A New NCTC

Welcome to our first Executive Forum video! We anticipate expanding into a live remote video forum with our member executives later in the year, but to kick off the series, we've got a short video from Lou discussing NCTC's shift to a strategic buying organization, followed by an interview with Rob Smith, our Group Purchasing VP. Finally Lou gives you some details on upcoming regional and national NCTC events.

Learn more - Click below for more info:

  • TiVo Managed IPTV Service
  • QWILT Content Delivery Network
  • NCTC Marketplace
  • Fiber Fulfillment Program (alternate fiber sources)
  • Evolution Digital Wi-Fi 6 Devices
  • TP-Link Wi-Fi
  • Connectivity Exchange
  • IdeaXchange - Regional Meetings
  • The Independent Show - July 24 - 27

Got a comment or suggestion for Lou? Email him at lborrelli@nctconline.org