Our Story

For decades NCTC has been serving our members’ needs by providing cost savings, knowledge sharing, innovation, and strategy. Our goal is to provide the highest level of quality service and value with accountability, innovation, integrity, and commitment to our independent community.

NCTC was originally founded by 12 members of the Mid-America Cable Association on the premise that rate savings could be achieved by aggregating their cable subscribers. This mission is still at the heart of NCTC today, but we’ve come a long way since our inception in 1984 when the average cable customer had no more than 53 channels.

Today our membership consists of over 700 independent cable and broadband companies that connect with great programming networks and leading technology companies to provide their subscribers with exceptional service.

With 60+ employees and two offices, NCTC provides our members and partners with the operational and strategic support they need to succeed in our rapidly evolving competitive landscape. We have formed new partnerships and developed new tools that enable our members to bring the best of service to their subscribers. Guided by a diverse board of directors, NCTC brings our members and partners the best in customer service while fostering connections that create value for all.


What We Do


Collaboration, Knowledge Sharing, Innovation

The NCTC acts in the best interest of its members, creating programs to reduce costs, introduce new technologies, optimize bandwidth, gain access to valuable programming content, introduce new revenue-generating opportunities or products as well as facilitating knowledge and experience sharing amongst our members and suppliers. NCTC is a catalyst for positive industry change and be a provocative force


Operational Efficiency

Our secure web portal includes a suite of custom applications to support network launches, subscriber reporting, equipment purchasing, online invoices, and remittances. Operators value the convenience of paying one monthly invoice that covers most, if not all, of their programming license fees, as well as streamlined invoicing for hardware and technology purchases. Content providers appreciate the efficiency of aggregated subscriber reporting and payments. Vendors value our prompt, streamlined payment and collections processes covering hundreds of operators.


Strategic Support

NCTC provides tools and resources to help members and support content providers and technology vendors.

Packaging: We assist members in creating innovative channel packages for their customers, while navigating the complexities of programming agreements.

Planning: Members enjoy access to custom-designed tools for budgeting and forecasting, calculating bulk subscribers and more.

Solutions: We actively seek out and develop innovative, cost-effective platforms and partnerships that enable our members to succeed in the new, app-driven video landscape.

Service: Our team of experts provides personalized support to members, content providers, and vendors. Whether it’s phone, chat, or email, we’re ready and willing to help.


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