About Us

Significant Growth in Cable Companies Served
NCTC began as a business project of the Mid America Cable Association in 1984.Starting with twelve cable operators, NCTC has grown to serve over 950 cable companies across the United States. NCTC provides member cable companies access to programming networks and industry leading technology companies and products, and is a not-for-profit corporation.

What's the Value Provided by NCTC?
Cable operators can save money on programming and hardware purchases. By aggregating volume discounts, operators can pass cost savings on to their subscribers. NCTC has agreements in place with hundreds of cable networks, hardware companies plus access to discounted services, including billing, training and marketing.

Members save the time, effort and expense of no longer needing to negotiate their own agreements for the networks available through NCTC. Members also enjoy the convenience of paying for all programming under NCTC agreements through a single NCTC invoice. Members pay a one-time fee to join and currently pay no annual dues.

Programmers gain the efficiency of negotiating one contract with NCTC rather than individual contracts with over 950 member companies. In addition, NCTC pays the programmers each month with one check and provides full billing details for each member company and their cable systems.

Hardware companies can secure uniform terms and conditions with NCTC rather than negotiating terms conditions with over 950 member companies. In addition, NCTC collects and pays the hardware invoices on behalf of member companies, reducing hassle for our hardware partners.

NCTC provides our programming, hardware and resource partners with marketing support and the opportunity to be a part of our membership conferences.